Agustin Lucho Pozo 

Agustin Pozo was born in Chile, in 1946 

After a year  of  study in Santiago   at the  University  of Chile School of Bellas Artes.       Pozo in 1968  moved to Los Angeles, CA, to  continue  his studies.   But o f course it   was not that  easy.   First to learn  a new language, which he did at, at the Rampart International English school in Los Angeles C.A.   In 1969, with a Chilean friend bought a car and they went for a couple of weeks, on a journey that took them  across the country, visiting a few cities, and camping in several parks along the way before reaching  their final destination in Belmar New Jersey.  It was here that Pozo started to take some night art classes with a a very dedicated instructor that encourage me to look further into the history of painting by opening up to  me her fantastic art library to which I was welcome. Thanks to her encouragement  Pozo started to take some painting studies with Dennis Cioceck at Monmouth College Nj were he meet several artists that encourage trips to NY city to visit galleries and museums.       In 1975 after saving money for a year AP and a couple of friends left New Jersey on an eight month  hiking trip that took them to every National Park in the USA, that ended in San Rafael, CA  where they finally established residency.